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[page last updated OCTOBER 27, 2007.]

New litters coming soon


Kathleen's gorgeous "Paris" has been bred to Jody and Amy Peterson's Josh. Both parents are AKC/UKC Champions, and Kathleen and Amy are excited about this breeding. If the mating was successful, puppies should be born in mid January. far only in our minds!

A repeat of the breeding which produced the first
UKC Best In Show Elkhound.

AKC CH./UKC GRAND CH. Alpha's Shoulda Been A Cowboy
AKC Ch./UKC GRAND CH. Foxboro Party Of One

IF this litter is bred and successfully whelped, I will announce it here....for further info contact.....

Breeder: Kathleen Hamilton [Indiana]
email  Katheen at:

For information, [and to be put through the "inquisition",]

email Kathleen, or contact us at......
Due to circumstances beyond our control...we have made the painful decision to reduce the numbers in our kennel to TWO dogs. We have successfully placed all but one of our 'retirees', and are still looking for one more perfect home.

We will be glad to discuss WHY we have been forced into this decision, either by email or by telephone. If you call...please identify yourself and your reason for your call. We have so many telemarketers that we screen all our calls.

Austin has her own page where pictures can be viewed. If we were only going to keep ONE dog, Austin would be it. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had...with ADULTS. She was traumatized by a small child as a little puppy, and is still very leery of little children who are loud. She loves women and gentle-natured men. (No men who think it's 'macho' to play rough and loud with a dog, please.) She is crate-trained, housebroken, and travels well. She is 6 years old. The ONLY reason she has been chosen to place is because she doesn't get along as well with her brother, we would like. And TEX is going NOWHERE. For the simple reason that we want to give Tex the best possible life, we have chosen to keep Ida, who is his best play-buddy.
Our good friend and partner, Kathleen Hamilton, also has an adult available for adoption. "Carson" has a page on our site, and he is looking for a new forever home. Carson is neutered and housebroken. Contact Kathleen [info below] for more information.