Norwegian Elkhound Prints
by Sue Hamilton and Jill Wright

After several weeks of research, Richard and I are finally 'in production' on several elkhound art prints done by either myself, or my much-more-talented daughter, Jill.

In order to figure out the best way to proceed with this increasingly expensive project, I spent hours conversing with Rebecca, at the art supply company, about the best way to proceed. She was fairly patient with me and gave me a LOT information...some useful, some NOT!
[Some contradictory and convoluted.]

We chose one of the expensive, archival ink-jet papers that she recommended, purchased acid/free archival page protectors, and we were told we should spray each sheet with two different kinds of spray gloss coat, and one matte coat. What a hassle spraying so many prints would be, but I was told it HAD TO BE DONE, so I  started to make my on-line order.

The spray was OUT OF STOCK!

This turned out to be Providence, or Fate, or some other Luck-of-the-draw thing, as it prompted me to call the company that MAKES the spray varnish and see where else I could purchase it.

The nice young man who answered my inquiry told me NOT to use the spray!

Now, mind you....this is coming from the company that manufactures the stuff!

He said it had not been tested enough, was not consistant, got sticky in warm conditions, would take a TON of coats, [at $15 a can!] and that it was so toxic that I would have to wear an expensive respirator, gloves, mask, and other protective gear. I think I zoned out after "other protective gear", but I did remember hearing him say that we needed to use archival ink.

This conversation resulted in more research, this time on archival inks, and the printers that accept them. In order to use archival inks in a printer that has already used regular ink, we found that you have to flush the thing out, wash all it's little printy Richard started shopping for a new printer.

About this time the paper Art Supply Lady FINALLY responded to my 100th email, the one where I asked when the spray would be in stock. She was unaware of my conversation with SprayDude, so she continued to assure me that I REALLY needed to use the spay, and to go ahead and order it and she would send it as soon as a shipment came in.

I may have lost my cool a little, and lost the business-like demeanor that I had BEEN using...[yes..ME...I can be very classy if I NEED to be!]..... and told her about my conversation with SprayDude, told her I was going to check into archival ink, check into new printers, and check myself into a mental institution.  I then told her that when they released me....I'd make an order.

After six weeks of almost daily back and forth emails with this woman....she didn't answer this one. Some people just have no sense of humor.

At any rate...we now have a new printer that is designated for the prints ONLY, we have a good supply of archival ink, and the prints are coming out great.

The very thick archival paper does have to be hand started, sheet by sheet, so it's become a lengthy process, but I think everyone will be pleased with the results we are getting. The prints are hard to tell from the real thing, except for size, and will probably outlast the originals....or for that matter....most of us.

The prints will be allowed to dry overnight, placed in the page protectors, and will be transported to the National in sturdy notebooks for further protection. I would suggest that those who have already ordered, or those planning to buy at the Specialty, bring something to take your print home in to protect it, such as a hard-backed 3-ring binder, a box left over from some type of printer paper, or a heavy envelope that will accomodate an 8.5 x 11" print.

I will be bringing some extra prints, but not a large supply. Anyone who hasn't already ordered and wants would be a good idea to at least get your name on the list. You can pay in advance, or pay on delivery in Cincinnati.

At this point, I have stated that I would make a print of anything that either Jill or I have done, IF it's ordered in advance. The main three works are the PuppyButt, and Jill's "Frogged" and "S'cooter". There may be some new works done by then that are not on our site right now....if so, I will bring a small supply of them with me.

For anyone NOT going to the National, we will ship to your address for an additional charge to cover  postage and packaging.

To view what is available, click HERE, follow the links at the bottom of the page for all other drawings. Email me at with any advance orders and I'll get Richard right on them.

Thank you!!