Here's a little quiz! What do you feel you know about elkhound movement? Below are a series of side movement photos of various elkhounds. Side movement can be better evaluated in this format than front or rear movement, so that is the only view I am presenting.  These shots are all taken from videos, worked one frame at a time in order to catch each dog at it's own optimum extension....however, it's often impossible to get the camera in position to get exactly the same angle on each dog...for that I apologize.

You may recognize some of these dogs, most you probably won't. They won't be identified, because this "game" is all about what you think is right or wrong with the movement of the individual dogs, and why. Besides, I'M not even sure who some of them are!

Study the pictures, and see if you can get an idea of which dogs appear to move closest to the standard for the breed. Which ones look the best to you...and what are your reasons for thinking so? Which ones look like they would catch the judge's eye in the this because they are correct?... or not?

At the bottom of the page is my email address...because I'm not computer savvy enough to figure out how to create a form on this page. If you have any opinions you would like to share...drop me a line. It will be interesting to see how many people would choose the same dog or dogs.
Whew! Wasn't THAT fun!? Well, tell me what you think. Don't worry about hurting any feelings, because the identity of all these dogs will remain a mystery.
[Unless it's one of mine, and you ask me!]

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