Elkhounds in the UKC!

  A few years ago, a small group of elkhounders in the Ohio    
area discovered the less stressful fun of the United Kennel Club All-Breed shows. As time passed, we "hooked" some friends from Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. Many among this group of breeder/exhibitors now belong to a UKC club located in Kentucky, called the MASON-DIXON MULTI-BREED DOG ASSOCIATION. MDMDA for short.

UKC shows are much more relaxing, less structured, and the people are very friendly and helpful. There are no professional handlers allowed, and politics is minimal. UKC is geared toward good, clean, family fun.

These pages are dedicated to some of the fun weekends we've had at these shows. The following are stills taken from videos and they are for our own pleasure and that of those who attended, but we don't mind sharing! Enjoy.

  MDMDA-Fall shows-November 2004
  [Includes Personal glimpses and
  Halloween Costume Contest-2004]

  MDMDA-Fall shows-November 4-6, 2005.

     Norwegian elkhound judging-Friday evening, Nov.4th

     Northern Group judging-Fri. Nov.4th

     Best In Show judging-Fri.Nov. 4th

     Norwegian elkhound judging-Sat. Show #1, Nov.5th

     Northern Group judging-Sat. Show #1, Nov. 5th

     Norwegian elkhound Judging-Sat. Show #2, Nov. 5th

     Northern Group judging-Sat. Show #2, Nov. 5th

     Costume Contest-Sat. Nov. 5th

     Norwegian elkhound judging-Sun. Nov. 6th