Rainbow Bridge
This page is fondly dedicated to those amazing elkhounds who shared their lives with us, but for too short a time.
Ch.Ashlawn's Bianca Zivan RM
Good things do come in small packages. Bunka was a petite bundle of dynamite. Sweet, but such a character. Her showiness and beauty overcame her size in the show ring and she finished her championship easily. Motherhood, however, was not her strong suit, and while she did an adequate job, she simply didn't take to puppies as well as she did to people. So, after two litters we decided to retire her from the whelping box.

Although we weren't looking....a perfect home presented itself. Bunka was to become the soulmate to a wonderful woman and would ultimately help her overcome a serious illness. But in doing so...Bunka fell ill herself, and had to be helped to the bridge at the young age of 6 years and 5 months. We've fantasized that Bunka loved her owner so much that she took her illness upon herself. She left us with a legacy of pups and grandpups who constantly do things to remind us of her. She is sorely missed.
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Foxboro Friday Night Lights
We barely got to know you.
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Foxboro Long Time Gone
later re-named "Maggie"
Never have I known any name to be more 'prophetic' than
Kathleen had kept "Mickie" and had tried to show her to her championship, but Maggie hated the show ring with a passion. Kathleen decided that Mickie would be happier as a family pet, and placed her with a lovely person, Sandra Stiles....and the rest of Mickie's [Maggie's] shortened life was to be spent in Oklahoma...playing with another elkhound that Sandra had purchased from us earlier. Her time with her new family caused them a mixture of delight, fear, hope, miracles, supreme happiness, and ultimately, loss and grief.

The rest of Maggie's story is told here in Sandra's words:

"As you know, "Mickie" was born 12-22-02. I picked her up from Kathleen on Valentine's weekend, 2004, when she was not quite 14 months old, and renamed her "MAGGIE". She got loose in January, 2005, and was AWOL for 21 months! I found her about 1/2 mile from the place where she'd gotten loose from, after a co-worker of mine spotted her in a wooded area. (I am SO thankful I got her back.) Maggie became ill and was diagnosed (incorrectly) with pancreatitis on May 19th, 2008. At first, she seemed to respond favorably to treatment, but then crashed. She was put down on June 5th, 2008, after x-rays showed what was assumed to be cancer, throughout her entire abdomen. (liver, pancreas, lungs, basically everything.)

At least she was with people who loved her when she died. God, I still miss her. I scattered her ashes on my husband's grave because she was always his favorite."

My side notes to Sandra's story: Maggie excaped Sandra's fenced yard because a worker stupidly left the gate open. Sandra never stopped looking for Maggie in the almost two years that she was gone, and never gave up hope. Neither did we. We are so glad she was found, and returned to where she belonged, even if for such a short while.

Wasn't she beautiful!