MDMDA- November 5, 2006
Post Halloween Costume Contest

Our costume contest didn't draw a very big entry this year, and the angle our photographer was stuck with didn't allow for very good shots...but it was still a fun time. Our new site doesn't make it very easy to change into elaborate outfits, so we will probably be suspending this part of our fall "menu".
This is one of the few times you will ever see a picture of me. I run from cameras, as a rule, but this shot was far enough away that all the wrinkles and chins don't really show. The costume contest was my assignment, and I was told I should wear a costume too. This is it! I did have a goofy little head dress, but Judge Judy Jones had borrowed it to wear in show photos. [UKC judges have a sense of humor!] With me is Karen Evans, who is the 'bag lady' presenter.
Behind us is the UKC judge who kindly accepted the task of judging the catagories, Mr. Gene Reynolds.
Mr. Reynolds awarded "Best Group" to this pack of Klee Kai "Krayons".
These little guys are much more tolerant of wearing goofy costumes than our elkhounds are.
Our own Barb Uhler got "Scariest", and Mr. Reynolds quipped, "Sure scared ME!" Bridgit got fed up with her costume and decided to undress. Note the head dress flying through the air.
This lovely young lady with the Afghan was the "Prettiest", and Best Over-all. She got TWO bags of loot!