Mason-Dixon Multi-Breed Shows-November 4th, 2006

     Norwegian Elkhound judging-Judge Judy Jones

  [14 elkhounds in attendence, including all four of the existing       Grand Champions in the Breed. This weekend had a record number of elkhounds in any UKC event to date.

Here are just a few highlights of the first night.

New UKC Champion-Foxboro Bridgethegap at Kejen. Bridgit completed the requirements for her title at the Friday night show, and was moved into the Champions class for the remainder of the weekend. She is a little fireball, but stood still just long enough for this picture. Rather than use one that showed her entire face, I chose this shot because of the emphasis on her body and type. Bridgit is owned by Barbara Uhler.
This is "Jordan", AKC/UKC Ch.Foxboro Party Of One. Jordan is showing in the Champions class, and got her first of five required wins for her Grand Championship at the Friday evening show. Jordan is the dam of Bridgit. As the weekend progressed, Jordan won the Champions class 3 of 4 shows, with Bridgit winning the last show for her first GRCH win.
Cooper can still float around the ring, and on Friday night he won the Breed. Judge Judy Johnson said..."It's that reach and drive!" His 15 minutes of fame earned him a spot in the Top Ten, but the top slots this year belong to his kids.
There were two class dogs in competition Friday evening. Here is Kathleen Hamilton's "Sarge", [AKC Ch.Foxboro Travelin' Soldier], the second dog was Barb Uhler's AKC major pointed "Newbie",  [Kejen's New Beginnings.] Sarge took the win, and went on to get Best of Winners.
[Picture of Newbie on another page]
Barbara McClanahan's RRH Truly A Cowgirl, ["Trudy"] had a really good weekend. Trudy took Best Female both Saturday afternoon and Sunday, to finish her Championship from the puppy class. Barbara should be very proud, as Trudy defeated several very nice gals, most of them AKC Champions.
The other three contenders for the Best Female win: Kathleen Hamilton's BBE bitch, "Paris", Beth Comminos' Adult bitch, "Venus", and Karen Hamilton's "Olivia". Venus took her first "major', and it was a big win with stiff competition.
One thing we wanted to do on this particular weekend was to get all four of the existing elkhound Grand Champions in the ring at the same time. We brought our Cooper out of retirement, and tortured Tex, who has decided he now HATES the show ring, just so we could try to get a picture of all of them together. If you've ever tried to get four dogs to look good simultaneously, you can appreciate how frustrating it can be. This is the best I could do, and it leaves a lot to be desired....but here they are...left to right......

AKC Ch./UKC GRCH. Alpha's Cooperative Effort, [Cooper], followed by three of his kids.

Second in line is AKC Ch./UKC GRCH. Alpha's Shoulda Been A Cowboy, [Tex], who is currently the #1 elkhound in the Top Ten.

Next is Barbara McClanahan's AKC Ch./UKC GRCH. Foxboro Itsa Guy Thing, [Tucker], #3 in the Top Ten,

and bringing up the rear is Arlette Mercurio's GRCH. Alpha's There Goes My Baby. "Trish" has both majors in the AKC, and is very close on the heels of her brother, Tex,  and is the  #2 elkhound.