MDMDA-Fall shows-Saturday, November 5, 2006-Show #2

Norwegian elkhound Breed judging

Judge: Mrs. Virginia Pearson
Here we are, at the third show of the weekend, the second for Saturday. These two Saturday shows have had an elkhound entry of 16, and by now the 6 or 7  handlers who have run their legs off, [and the camera person] are all totally pooped. I've seen a few ringside naps, and heard a lot of complaints of aching feet and sore knees.

So far, I have tried filming from three different angles, and they are all less than satisfactory. Shooting breed judging at this show may have been from the worst position yet. Many dogs are not represented because of the sudden blocking of my view from various human behinds. I apologize to those who didn't get represented in this show's shooting, hopefully I made up for it in some of the other films.
Sarge is the winner of show #2's  competition points in dogs and Best of Winners. This makes him a new double Champion, and his sire's 10th UKC Champion offspring to date. You've already seen plenty of full body's something a little different. Sarge is a big ol' sweet mush-ball  of a dog, just like his daddy. I LOVE this picture.
Here's another favorite head study. This is Olivia, Sarge's litter sister.  What a sweet and pretty face.
For a change of "pace", [no pun intended], here goes Paris, half sister to Sarge and Olivia, sired by Cooper's son, Tex. Paris was set up at the head of the line, and my camera was set up facing the butt of the last dog in line...not a smart move on my I opted to showcase Paris with this shot instead.

Virginia Pearson surprises us all by taking Sarge from the classes over 3 Champions and 4 Grand Champions. Just like AKC, this seldom happens, and this win put Sarge solidly into the Top Ten. Kathleen, Sarge's owner, was handling Cooper, so Denise stepped in to help out and did a great job! Next stop for Sarge...
Northern Group!
A favorite shot of Cooper