MDMDA Fall shows
Saturday, November 5, 2006-Show #1

Norwegian elkhound breed judging

Judge: Mr.Michael Pearson
On UKC Saturdays there are always two shows. Here is a shot of Sarge in Show #1, taking Best Male for his second competition win of the weekend.
I will assume that anyone who is checking out this page has already viewed page #1 of this series. For simplification, I will only use call names to identify the dogs pictured here.
Karen Hamilton and her lovely AKC Ch. Olivia, a Top 25 dog in the AKC, showing her style at her first UKC weekend.
Venus, yesterday's BF winner, doing what Venus does....shows continuously and never lets up. Venus is owned by Beth Comminos.
Sarge and his half-sister, Paris, battle it out for Best of Winners, the extra points, and the opportunity to try for the BOB win. Paris got the win, but I was unable to get a good picture during this show.
Jordan takes her second Champion Class win, and gets a second "leg" toward her GRCH.
In the Grand Champion Class, Cooper strikes a handsome pose, hoping to show his  kids how it's done again today.
Tex could care less, and seldom cracked an ear all weekend. Ah, the joy of taking stills from a video...captured that ONE FRAME when his ears were almost up.
Even Tex's solid frame and sound movement couldn't get a judge to look past his "screw this" attitude.
Tucker, on the other hand, never gets bored with the show ring, could care less if the judge's allow bait or not..he is always giving it his all....[and is never outta coat! ]
But the Grand Class went to Trish Saturday morning, who then went on to BOB and zoomed into the #2 position in the Top Ten.