We dove head first into UKC showing in 2002 with our first show being with the Kentucky Toy Fox Terrier Club in Lexington, Kentucky. This club later changed their name to the Mason-Dixon Multibreed Dog Association.

We enjoyed this club and the friendly people so much that we decided to join, and haven't missed a show since.

Need a break from stress and politics? Want to meet some really friendly people? Come to Kentucky and join us in a weekend of fun and good company.

We would like to welcome you to our MDMDA Photo Page. These first pictures were taken at our fall shows in 2004. I will remove and replace photos from time to time and I apologise for the quality of some of the pictures...they were taken from a video and the lighting wasn't always flattering.

[Showing in the UKC]
First stop...the entry table, where you will likely be
greeted by Sue Phillips.
We are famous for our raffles. This shot only shows a small portion of the goodies up for grabs...I couldn't get far enough away from the tables to show them all.
You will see a lot of striking breeds that aren't the norm at AKC shows....like this impressive Catahoula Leopard puppy. Isn't he cool!?

Chief dog walker, and un-paid kennel help, Richard Hamilton.
Because our fall show fell on Halloween this year.....we had a break between Saturday shows for a Costume Contest.
One of my favorites was this totally mortified Lab-"bee".
This contestant appears to have missed her nap, but she was voted THE PRETTIEST.
This "Brit"appeared to be showing American patriotism.....but she was actually portraying "Wonder Woman".
Here's a TFT in a TuTu. Tolerant pooch.                                        
Our "Most Original" Musketeer had plenty to say about the judging."
Because of the lighting, I talked "The Funniest" winner into going outside. Our head judge, Dennis , said he didn't know whether to award this entry the prize, or call the SPCA.
Favoritism? Well, yes. Since we have elkhounds, I had to throw in a few pictures of the elkhounders and their dogs who didn't get back from WalMart with their costumes in time for the contest. If you know these three elkies, you will understand exactly why their costumes were chosen.
Tucker-The Devil Dog
Trish-The Little Angel
Sylvie-the Witchy Woman...who is NOT liking her costume!