Jill's Art-2006/07
Jill has enough cute puppy pics of her own "Freebie" to keep her busy drawing for decades. This one was done on heavy textured water color paper, and has a different look than most of Jill's work. 
A very limited number of 25 prints are available.
How can anyone look at this and not laugh out loud? I tried to talk Jill out of this one....but she laughed about that, too.
I enhanced this one to darken it a bit. Prints will be produced true to original color.

This print is Jill's most popular to date, but prints are still available, limited to 50 prints.
Note** over half of these sold in 4 days at our National Specialty. Hurry before these are all gone!
by Jill Wright and Sue Hamilton

These are computer generated prints, signed and numbered by the artist, and are priced at
$16.50 for an 8 1/2" X 11".
The drawing are sized on the paper to fit behind an 8" X 10" mat opening, and can be framed with a
10" X 13" or an 11" x 14" frame.
[For a more detailed account of our research and development of this project...CLICK HERE.]

These prints have been made on heavy weight, high quality, archival paper, and are printed with archival, pigmented ink. These papers and inks are designed to last for generations.

They will not be matted or framed at this low price, but will be stored in a protective, acid-free/archival sleeves. The prints should be placed under glass for maximum protection. The quality of the materials used should prevent fading, but we still recommended displaying out of direct sunlight. 

Anyone interesting in ordering can email me at alpha1@cinci.rr.com. These can be shipped to your home w/payment in advance, for $4.00, regardless of the number of prints ordered.

NEW for 2007!!!

Many of these prints are now being sold on eBay. Just type in "elkhound prints", and you should see what is being offered.
Of all of Jill's artwork....this has to be the one with the biggest "AWWW-factor" to date. This four-week old baby grew up to become a champion and a mother of champions, and has long since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, passing of old age....but thanks to Jill's talent,"S'cooter" will live forever.
The detail is fair more defined than shown here.
Jill also does excellent commissioned works, and one example is shown below. Jill did a portrait of Daisy for Ed and Donna Jagodzinski. They liked it so well they plan to have Jill do more drawings for them soon. She also did "Little General" for Jennifer Ellis. Anyone wishing to have Jill try her hand at one of their dogs can email me at the address below for details. Jill's price for her work is exceptionably reasonable for the quality and the time she puts into each piece.
To see other artwork by both Jill and myself you can follow these links. We will be glad to make prints of anything with the exception of "Daisy".
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Sue's older works-CLICK HERE

Prints of "S'cooter still available, but they are going fast.

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Sue's 2006 works-CLICK HERE
This page is devoted to
Jill Wright's
AWESOME talent.
Many of these drawings are offered as limited edition prints.
Details below.
"Little General" has proved very popular! 
As Jill's mother, I naturally think ALL of her work is good, but the best yet is
which I gave it's own 'private' page.
to see a larger version of this outstanding piece of elkhound artwork.
* * * *Here are the details about the availability * * * *
and pricing of our prints, as promised above.

Here is Jill's latest work of art. This piece is one of her best yet, and will be available on eBay, or can be obtained by contacting Jill or myself for a private order. There will only be 25 prints made. This drawing was made from a photograph that I took of Tex chasing Ida in the snow. The photo won the Powershot Picture of the Day contest, and now the pencil rendition is available.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the newest drawing by Jill...to be introduced mid-April 2007